Play Based Learning



Play Based Learning is an opportunity for children to learn, explore and develop through practical hands-on experiences. Children are offered a wide range of activities so that they are able to explore their individual interests. Activities each session include carpentry, box construction, painting, water play, sandpit, cooking, dress ups, physical play, blocks, colouring activities, play dough, hut building and imaginative play in the school’s native bush, science experiments, craft activities and more. Through the Play Based Learning approach children are able to revisit and build on their own interests each week. Each week we offer both prescriptive and free-play activities. Some children appreciate the chance to entirely direct their own learning, while others enjoy following more structured learning opportunities.



Play is a vital part of every child’s development.  Through play, children are able to make sense of the world around them.  During Play Based Learning, children are able to develop social relationships with children from beyond their own classroom. With good adult ratios, children are engaged in meaningful conversations and experiences with peers and teachers so that their learning is enhanced. Tuakana-teina relationships are nurtured through shared activities with children from other Year levels. Older children can provide support and role modeling for the younger pupils.




Classes from Year 0 – 3 meet every Thursday from 9am –11pm for Discovery (Play Based Learning session).  We begin each session with a group gathering. Key competencies, school values, and structured tasks are explained and discussed, as well as all the activities on offer. Children are then able to explore their chosen activities. At the end of each session, we come together again as a group for reflection time. Children have a chance to share their learning with the rest of the group and reflect on the processes they have been through. Children’s wonderings are also discussed, which help to form a basis for future Discovery sessions.