Kapa Haka


The Ruawai Primary kapa haka rōpū has almost 30 learners ranging from Years 1 to Year 6. We are most fortunate to have Whaea Danielle as our tutor. She has the ability to get the absolute best from our learners through her positive attitude and the enjoyment that she provides to every Wednesday afternoon session between 2.15 am and 3.00pm. We are delighted to have whānau come along and attend the weekly whole school waiata and kapa haka sessions in the hall, where you can join in and learn the waiata which the learners are doing. Come along when you are able.

Ruawai Primary BOT Policies

Triennial Plan 2018 – 2020

Triennial Plan & Finance committee Annual calendar 2019-2021

Governance Policies

The Relationship between the board and the principal policy

The Relationship between the Chair and the principal policy

Ruawai Primary School Delegations List 2018

Curriculum (NAG 1)

NAG 1 Catering for Gifted and Talented Students

NAG 1 Classroom Release Time

NAG 1 Curriculum Delivery

NAG 1 Treaty of Waitangi Policy

Self Review (NAG 2)

NAG 2 Reporting to Parents 

NAG 2 Self Review 

Personnel (NAG 3)

NAG 3 Allocation of units policy 

NAG 3 Appointments policy 

NAG 3 Complaints Policy

NAG 3 Equal Employment Opportunities policy 

NAG 3 Personnel Policy 

NAG 3 Principals appraisal policy 

NAG 3 Staff performance appraisal policy 

Finance & Property (NAG 4)

NAG 4 Asset Protection Policy 2018

NAG 4 Finance Committee Annual Calendar 2018

NAG 4 Financial Condition Policy 2018

NAG 4 Financial Planning Policy 2018

Health & Safety (NAG 5)

NAG 5 Abuse allegations against staff 

NAG 5 Animal welfare policy updated

NAG 5 Child protection policy 

NAG 5 Health and Safety 

Compliance (NAG 6)

NAG 6 Police Vetting Policy

NAG 6 Privacy Policy

NAG 6 Protected Disclosure

NAG 6 Protection and sharing of intellectual property (creative commons)

NAG 6 Stand-Downs, suspensions, exclusions, expulsions