Due to the removal of National Standards, we are currently reviewing our reporting procedures.  Two formal reports will still be sent home to report a child’s progress and achievement in Reading, Writing, Maths and other learning areas.  We are currently exploring how to create a report that focuses more on the progress that your child is making in all curriculum areas, as well as the Learning Capabilities from our Vision belowRuawai Aspirational Profile_A4 poster


Reporting against National Standards:

We are required to report on children’s progress against National Standards, twice a year.  Up to the end of Year 3, children receive regular reports that are based on how long they have been at school.  This means that reports are being completed every month in the junior school, so your child may not get a report at the same time as other children in the class.  If you are unsure when your child is due for their next report, please ask their classroom teacher.  From Year 4 – 6, reports are sent home in June/July and December.

In Years 0-3, you can expect a report on your child’s progress at the following times:

(note: 40 weeks = 1 year of schooling)

After 20 weeks of schooling

After 40 weeks of schooling

After 60 weeks of schooling

After 80 weeks of schooling

After 100 weeks of schooling

After 120 weeks of schooling

Your child’s first report of the year (either progress or anniversary) will be supported with a 20 minute three-way conference.

Progress Reports are completed at 20 weeks (5.5years), 60 weeks (6.5years), 100 weeks (7.5years), or if your child is Year 4 or older they will receive a mid-year report in June/July.

Anniversary Reports are completed at 40 weeks (6 years), 80 weeks (7 years), 120 weeks (8 years), or if your child is Year 4 or older they will receive a end of year report in December.

Please click on the following link to see our ‘Expected Levels of Achievement’ rubric which assists teachers in making their overall teacher judgments (OTJ)  in relation to national standards



Effective Teaching Booklet – Ministry of Education

How well is my child doing? Page 1

How well is my child doing? Page 2

The following documents are a guide to how you can help at home with supporting your child’s learning:

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


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