Our School

Ruawai full colour portrait logo (1)

Ruawai Primary School is situated on the banks of the mighty Northern Wairoa River at the doorstep to the southern hemisphere’s largest harbour, the Kaipara. Ruawai is in the centre of New Zealands Kumara capital.

The children of Ruawai Primary – full of dreams and aspirations start their school journey here.

The learning journey is special to all within our community.  There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the children of our school happily enjoying their day to day challenges and celebrating their successes.

Ruawai Primary continues to strive for success and excellence in all areas of the schools curriculum, making it an exciting and wonderful place to be.

We are focused on nuturing children’s enjoyment of life and learning. We have a broad curriculum that includes the arts, sport, science and a strong focus on literacy and numeracy. We have a Club’s programme once a week that covers a variety of curriculum areas and further provides opportunities to nurture children’s passions and talents. Inquiry Learning has a firm place in our school curriculum contributing to the development of self directed and self managing students.

We aim to be responsive to each child’s learning needs and aspirations.


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